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Thanks to buyer personas we understood buyers' mindset. A new strategy let us become the biggest vendor in Europe. 

Signing a deal with Irakli Marketing Communications was one of our best decisions! We reached all the goals we set.

It’s so cool to work with a leader in the industry who understands exactly what our customers want. Thanks a lot, Irakli.

From the very beginning I had confidence that our cooperation would be a success. And Irakli exceeded my expectations.

Irakli helped identify 3 types of decision makers and create persuasive messages at each stage of their buying journey that took 1.5 years.

Impeccable service, great results and getting things done before the deadline – this is exactly what we needed.


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  • 11% Sales

  • $17mlnRevenue

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Working with Irakli is just a pleasure as he knows what you need and always delivers expected results within the deadline we agree upon.

If you want to increase sales, work with Irakli. He is a real professional who helps reach ambitious targets and grow your business. 

Irakli is one of the best marketing experts I know. So you may not worry about the results of his work. He knows his job.

Irakli Marketing Communications has appeared to be a great partner who did an excellent job.

We like working with Irakli as apart from getting additional revenue, we get new knowledge which he shares with us.

Irakli is a great partner you can fully rely on. He did an excellent job within the agreed budget and time frames.

Irakli shared some actionable insights that helped the company boost its revenue. We're fully satisfied with the result.


Thanks to our cooperation with Irakli, we’ve increased our market share by 50%. It's a perfect indicator we could just dream of.

We’re extremely happy with the volume of additional sales achieved thanks to the development of a new strategy.

If you need to clarify your customers' needs and expectations, ask Irakli - he somehow knows the right answer.

With Irakli’s help we managed to increase our market share and get additional sales. That’s fantastic.

This guy is a real expert. Believe me, he knows how to make customers think your product is the best solution for them.

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