Irakli will show you the way to ATTRACT NEW CUSTOMERS

Onduline's growth in sales and revenue within 6-months of working with Irakli.


A buyer-driven strategy is the key to your growth!
Focus on your customer, not the brand or product

People are not interested in your product or brand. But the good news is that some of them want to solve the problem with a solution like yours. I help potential buyers see that your product is a perfect fit for their needs.

Irakli Beselidze

I persuade more people to buy your product. I don’t care about brand awareness, CTR or affinity index.

All I care about is how many new customers you can acquire for your business. Having talked to your real buyers using buyer persona methodology, I’ll describe their buying context and create persuasive communications that influence their buying decisions.


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Onduline #1 bitumen roofing material manufacturer

#1 bitumen roofing material manufacturer

Having increased sales by 11%, Irakli made us forget about socio-demographic characteristics of target audience and start targeting buyers' context.

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Irakli Beselidze is an entrepreneur, marketing strategist, buyer persona certified practitioner and contextual marketing pioneer who's helped more than 1,000 businesses during his 18 years career in marketing communications.

My name's Irakli Beselidze and I provide performance based marketing services which means you pay not for my efforts but for real results you get.

Interesting, ha? I am confident that I can improve your marketing communications and grow your business. While other agencies leave you with useless metrics and don't care about real business results, I always bear responsibility for real marketing campaign results and ROI.


My strategies are a perfect fit for you if ...

  1. You produce medium- and high-consideration goods and services.
  2. Decision making about your product is a complex process with at least 2 influencers involved.
  3. Your need new ideas for implementing efficient marketing activities.
  4. Your potential buyers cannot be identified by age, gender or income.

And most significantly, you are looking for a partner who will share your responsibility for real results of marketing activities. 

Irakli helped us identify 3 types of decision makers and create persuasive marketing messages at each stage of their buying journey that took 1.5 years.

Yuri Kolobov


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This Is Exactly What You Get

Working with Irakli, you get everything you need: in-depth probing  interviews with real buyers, buyer persona descriptions, a communication strategy based on your buyers’ behavior and habits and its further implementation in all communication channels both online and offline. And even recommendations on product development and sales process.  


  1. Buyer Persona research and analysis.
  2. Structured description of your customers buying habits and context.
  3. Detailed yearly plan of your marketing activities based on your buyers insights.

We carry out more than 30 researches per year but only thanks to buyer personas we clearly understood buyers' mindset. A new strategy based on buyers' behavior let us become the biggest Descente vendor in Europe. 

Andrew Engelhart

Here’s What to Do Next

Just choose one of the packages below. I'll get in touch with you within 2 working days. We'll confirm the details and get started on your marketing strategy right away.

Strategy Plan

  • Get your marketing plan and execute it by yourself
  • Fixed price $19,900
  • 100% Money back guarantee
  • For big companies with qualified in-house staff

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Strategy Execution

  • Strategy Plan + Execution
  • Campaign set up fee $9,900
  • Performance based fee
  • Get all the benefits of performance based marketing services

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StartUp Strategy

  • Get your killer landing pages and blog content plan
  • Structured description of your buyers context and mindset
  • Fixed price $9,900 
  • For cool startups only

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Custom Strategy

  • For specific marketing inquiries

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Questions & Answers

What information do you need from me?

Briefing process is a 20-30 minutes interview with all company stakeholders who select the marketing agency. Typically it includes 3 persons: a marketing manager, a CMO or VP marketing and a CEO (optional). 

What is the turnaround time?

The process of conducting buyers' interviews and developing a strategy usually takes 7-8 weeks. Please note that I don't take last minute jobs.

How does your money back guarantee work?

When we agree on a strategy development, we sign the contract, and you transfer 100% upfront payment. In 7-8 weeks we present a marketing strategy which needs to be approved within 5 working days. In case you reject it, we guarantee to return ALL money back within 3 working days. 

How will you find our buyers for the interview?

There are 2 ways:
1. If your product is sold to more than 50,000 people, we can find them through social media and relevant forums.
2. If there are fewer buyers, and there are no specific forums where your buyers jam, we'll ask you to provide at least 50 contacts of real buyers.

Our buyers are very busy, and they will never talk to you.

We offer $50-worth incentives but people share their experience with us because they like that we are sincerely interested in their buying journey, concerns and expectations.

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