How Marketing Messages Will Reach Potential Buyers in the Near Future

Written by Irakli Beselidze - April 23, 2015
Marketers are wondering what the ideal marketing communication of the future will look like? It’ll be a personal message to a user created with due account for his interests, tastes, mood and location.

Discover the Real Truth About Buyers and Their Needs

Written by Irakli Beselidze - April 15, 2015
While indentifying target audience based on socio-demographic characteristics is an outdated approach that gives no idea on why people choose competing products, conducting a deep reseach of your buyers and their needs...

5 Shocking Reasons Why You Waste Money for Brand Positioning

Written by Irakli Beselidze - April 8, 2015
Marketers like to stress the crucial importance of brand positioning for successful product promotion but none of them proved there’s the connection between brand positioning and buyer’s decision to immediately buy the...

Why You Should Stop Talking of Yourself and Start Discussing Buyers’ Needs

Written by Irakli Beselidze - March 31, 2015
The majority of companies talk only of themselves completely neglecting their buyers' needs and expectations. Discover 3 main reasons why they act this way and learn why such a behavior may ruin your business.

Myths Busted: Why Viral Marketing Is Useless for Influencing Buying Decision

Written by Irakli Beselidze - March 26, 2015
viral marketing
Almost every marketer has a dream to launch a marketing campaign or create a marketing message that becomes viral. But what does the buzz word “viral marketing” really mean and is it as efficient as everyone states?...

10 Shocking Reasons Why Advertising May Fade Away by 2020

Written by Irakli Beselidze - March 12, 2015
Let’s imagine how Marketing-2020 will look like in case advertising completely fades away, and try to find out the reasons that may lead to this situation.


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