23 Amazing Facts from the History of Marketing

Written by Irakli Beselidze - July 1, 2015
Marketing as we know it today has experienced a substantial metamorphosis over the past few centuries. In an attempt to get the audience’s attention and turn it into sales, people used different techniques and methods,...

5 Advertising Strategies You Should Never Use for Adding Value to Your Brand

Written by Irakli Beselidze - June 25, 2015
Using various advertising strategies, marketers oftentimes forget that any efficient strategy should demonstrate the real product value to prospects, be in context of solving certain problems and bring value to...

Marketing Researches That Will Guide You Through the Marketing Maze

Written by Irakli Beselidze - June 18, 2015
Here's the list of the most inspiring and interesting research reports, white papers and infographics created in recent months by the leading players in the marketing industry. Read at least one of these resources per...

The Latest Marketing Statistics that Will Blow Up Your Mind

Written by Irakli Beselidze - June 12, 2015
A review of the the latest marketing researches and a selection of the most insightful, persuasive and surprising statistics that will provide you with answers to many questions you may have, inspire to try new...

Why You Need to Directly Communicate with Your Buyers

Written by Irakli Beselidze - June 5, 2015
Direct communication with real buyers helps marketers better understand their buying journey and create efficient marketing communications that appeal to buyers at different stages of the buying process. How to make a...

How to Create Brand Identity and 3 Reasons You’re Doing It Wrong

Written by Irakli Beselidze - May 28, 2015
Brands were initially created for boosting product’s credibility via its popularity. People trust well-known products and more willingly buy them. But before introducing a brand to buyers, you first need to come up with...

Stop Fighting Between Sales and Marketing and Start Making Money Now

Written by Irakli Beselidze - May 21, 2015
Ideally, marketing works hard to increase lead generation while sales tries to close as many deals as possible. Unfortunately, in reality these activities are not so efficient, and relations between sales and marketing...

Why Marketers’ Fantasies about Buyers’ Behavior Don't Work Anymore

Written by Irakli Beselidze - May 14, 2015
Marketers are big dreamers who enjoy thinking out reasons why buyers choose your products without doing any research or talking to real buyers. Why are they so apt to romance? Why does it happen and what consequences...

7 Best Marketing Campaigns that Shaped Marketing as You Know It Today

Written by Irakli Beselidze - May 8, 2015
Have a look at these 7 great examples of game changing marketing campaigns if you’re too busy with reaching challenging marketing goals but still want to get inspiration and use it in your marketing today.

The Most Surprising Things Marketers Can Learn From Salesmen

Written by Irakli Beselidze - May 1, 2015
Marketing shouldn’t create new values. It should identify the value buyers find to be the most important one and provide customers with information highlighting this value. The sales department will help you understand...


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